By standard Hydraulic, Electrical and Mechanical interfaces

Blue Logic was established July 2010

We provide all your interface needs: 
  • Fluid connection/interfaces
  • Electrical interfaces
  • Mechanical interfaces
  • Project engineering 

We are run by entrepreneurs with long, deep experience in subsea installation, operation, tooling and maintenance, for intervention and permanent installation.

Our vision is a "One Subsea World". For us, that means:
- standardisation of interfaces
- harmonisation of requirements
- module-based thinking

We are here to help you industrialise your subsea production systems.
We are ready to help you lay the foundations for a paradigm shift in how the entire industry operates beneath the waves.
At the heart of everything we do is a belief that standardisation is a necessity for innovation and product development.

Eirik Kloster Jacobsen, Lars Gunnar Hodnefjell, and Helge Sverre Eide are our founders.