Inductive Subsea connection

Power and Communication in one interface

Subsea "USB" - Inductive Subsea connection

Our currently largest connectors intended for actuation and motors 

The version currently in production delivers max 2kw of power, with 80 megabit of Ethernet and RS232/RS485.  This makes it very suitable to run a class 4 electric torque tool like our own.
The Type C System transforms 100-250VAC / 145-350VDC input voltage to a 325VDC output voltage. The system can also be delivered with other voltage settings, thus allowing for optimisation of voltage and power on different types of subsea systems and for different consumers. For example, different secondary side connectors can be configured to extract different voltages or from the same primary side. This means that different types of consumers (with different voltage or power requirements) can be connected to the same primary side.
ba5147 and ba5220