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Inductive Connection - Subsea USB

Wet-mate connectors with no galvanic contact to sea.

Our Subsea connectors called "Subsea USB" is based on inductive technology for transfer of electrical power and communication. The "Subsea USB" family covers a power range from 50W to 2kW, Ethernet communication speeds up to 80 Mbps, and RS232 or RS485 serial communication speed up to 230 kbps.
All hardware in the connectors are completely sealed inside the housing and there is no galvanic contact with surrounding seawater. In fact there is a gap of a few millimeters between the surfaces of the male and female connector. This way the common problems of corroding pins, short circuits or other problems that may occur with traditional subsea connectors is eliminated. In addition, by using inductive transfer technology there will be no practical limits on the number of mating cycles.​

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Operation & Maintenance Manuals:
50W USB Type A User Manual
250W USB Type B User Manual
2kW USB Type C User Manual
2kW USB Type D User Manual