Hydraulic Interfaces

We have an extensive range of Hot Stab and Valve Stab programs, with different variations within each program. Sizes varies from Ø35 and up to Ø200! Valve Stab is our genius patented solution that merges ball valves with Hot Stabs.

Electrical interfaces

In order to connect electrical tooling and instrumentation subsea,  subsea connectors are required. There are several fabricates and types, wet and dry mateable, optical, etc. The big challenge is the presence of seawater and the risk of short circuit.
Have a look at Blue Logic's solutions to these challenges!

Mechanical interfaces

For a long time ISO defined mechanical interfaces have been the only way to override subsea equipment.
With an ever increasing drive to move more of the topside equipment to the seabed, we will need a larger range of interfaces. Not olimited to ROV override, but also for permanent installations to be used for permanent actuators. Both linear and rotational movements, with high precision and reliability.

Project Engineering

Using our standard products as basis, Blue Logic's Engineering Department is capabable of designing bespoke solutions to meet Client requirements.
Combining our products and experience within Hydraulic, Electrical  and Mechanical Interfaces, the imagination is the only limit for the final product - challenge us!


Our vision:

One Subsea World

By standard interfaces and industrialised thinking

Industrialising the subsea industry by standardising subsea interfaces. This opens a great technology development potential due of the possibility to interchange components and equipment.

Products / Services

  • Development and optimization of subsea standard products
  • Off-the-shelf delivery of standard products
  • Expertise on subsea hydraulic, mechanical and electrical interfaces 
  • Products for intervention and permanent subsea service

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