Mechanical Interfaces

Rotational or Linear Movement

Electrical Torque Tools, Actuators and Valve Operation

Mechanical Interfaces

For a long time ISO-defined mechanical interface has been the only way to override subsea equipment.

With a ever increasing drive to move more of the topside equipment to the seabead, there is a need for a greater ranger of interface. This is not just for ROV overide, but also for permanent installations to be used for permanent actuators, and both linear and rotational movements, with great precision and reliability. 

Mechanical Interfaces

We deliver all linear and rotational interfaces. This can be interfaced to an rotational valve or a linear valve, linear lock, or rotational lock. Any type of motion subsea that you want, to operate by either tools or ROV.

Linear And Rotational Tools

All intervention/permanent tooling to operate mechanical interfaces. This can be Electrical Torque tool or torque multipliers.


All types of pipeline termination. This can be presssure barrier, lifting point, or interface for running PIGs.