Valve Stab - Zero spill connection

Hot Stab with integrated Ball Valves

Valve Stab

Hot Stab with integrated Ball Valves

The patended ValveStab combines the pressure-balanced Hot Stab-principle with integrated ball valves. With individual ball valves for each port on both the stab and receptacles side this means that a Hexa-port (six) system has a total of twelve individual ball valves in a sleek Ø55 design.

ValveStabs and ValveStab Receptacles can retain full working pressure even in disconnected mode. This allows for connection and disconnection at full pressure with no fluid spill or water ingress.

To maximize operational flexibility, the pressure in ValveStab and Receptacle does not have to match when opening valves.

Each ValveStab and Receptacle is individually pressure tested stand-alone to 1.5 x working pressure, as well as mated with open valves.

The only flow restriction in a Valve Stab system is two 90° bends, the remaining system has straight, full-bore lines to ensure excellent flow characteristics.

All valves in both ValveStab and Receptacle are opened by operating the handle on Receptacle. Whenever opening the valves, the ValveStab will be locked to the Receptacle in the same operation. A built-in mechanical safety feature prevents operation of the handle on Receptacle until ValveStab is completely mated. Hence it is impossible to open ValveStab system or remove ValveStab from Receptacle with open valves by mistake to prevent loss of system pressure and fluid spill.

The Valve Stab principle is also utilized in our Pull-in Heads and Auto Release Systems.

  • Connect/disconnect at full system pressure feasible
  • No leakage to sea during connect / disconnect and operation
  • Two barriers to sea
  • Diver and ROV friendly
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Available with 1-6 individual ports/lines
  • Full bore through ValveStab system, no restrictions through poppets or check valves.
  • No check valve spring-force to overcome
  • Scalable; single- and multi-port designs available ranging from Ø55 to Ø200
  • Optional solution for flushable cavity volume to obtain 100% clean connection/disconnect
  • Since the system has integrated ball valves, conventional ROV panels with ROV valves can be omitted, thus allowing for extremely compact subsea solutions.
ValveStab System
Ø55/Ø57 ValveStab
Ø60 ValveStab
Ø63/Ø65 ValveStab
Ø100 ValveStab System

Operation & Maintenance Manuals:
Ø55 ValveStab User Manual
Ø55/Ø57 ValveStab User Manual
Ø60 ValveStab User Manual
Ø63/Ø65 ValveStab User Manual
Ø100 ValveStab User Manual