Valve Stab - Zero spill connection

Hot Stab with integrated Ball Valves

Valve Stab

Hot Stab with integrated Ball Valves

Some years back, Blue Logic developed the now patented Valve Stab solution. It combines the pressure-balanced Hot Stab-principle with integrated ball valves. There are seperate ball valves for each port on both the stab and receptacles side. This means that a Hexa-port (six) system has a total of twelve individual ball valves in a sleek Ø55 design! 

Check valves on Hot Stabs can reduce leakages, but with flow restriction they are normally not meant to hold any pressure higher than 0,5-2bar. They also include small, moving and exposed parts. The only flow restriction a Valve Stab system has when opened is two 90° bends, other than this, there is unrestricted, full bore flow all the way!

Valve Stabs and Valve Stab Receptacles can both hold full working pressure stand-alone. Systems can be pressurized on both stab and receptacle side before mating, and also when connecting: A Valve Stab can be inserted into a Valve Stab Receptacle with pressure in one or both of them, the pressure does not have to match when opening valves. Valve Stab can be connected and opened regardless. Each stab and receptacle is individually pressure tested stand-alone to 1.5 x working pressure, as well as mated with opened valves.

Valves are opened by operating the handle on receptacle; the same operation also locks the stab into the receptacle. A built-in mechanical safety feature blocks operation of the handle on receptacle before stab is completely mated. This makes it impossible to open Valve Stab system or remove stab from receptacle with open valves by mistake and thus draining pressure and fluid to surroundings from either stab or receptacle side.

The Valve Stab principle is also utilized in our Pull-in Heads and Auto Releases.

  • Connect/disconnect with full system pressure
  • No leakage to sea
  • Two barriers to sea
  • Diver friendly
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Available with 1-6 individual ports/lines
  • Full bore through Valve Stab system, no restrictions through poppets or check valves.
  • No check valve spring-force to overcome
  • Scalable; single- and multi-port designs available (we now have designs ranging from Ø55 to Ø200+)
  • Optional solution for flushable cavity volume to gain 100% clean connection/disconnect
  • Since the connector has integrated ball valves in both male stab and female receptacle, conventional ROV panels with ROV valves can be omitted, thus allowing for extremely compact subsea solutions