Large Bore Hot Stab

Balanced Connection

Large Bore Hot Stab

The Large Bore Hot Stab program ranges from Ø80 to Ø200. Field-proven and operated by satisfied customers worldwide. To ensure quick delivery, the most common types are kept in stock. Larger bore alternatives available upon request.

A large effort has been made during design to optimise flow capacity making the Large Bore Hot Stab ideal for high-flow operations.

All Blue Logic Hot Stab systems are pressure balanced connections, which if necessary, can also be disconnected fully pressurized - they will not be locked in place by pressure. The rugged seals are designed to take the same pressure from both sides, internal and external.
The Large Bore Hot Stab program includes a complete set of components to suit all operational requirements:
  • Receptacles, with or without J-lock
  • Parking Receptacles
  • Pressure Stabs
  • Protection Stabs
All products available in short-term (intervention) or long-term (permanent) versions.

Large Bore Hot Stab Program
Datasheet for Ø80 Hot Stab System

Operation & Maintenance Manuals:
Ø80 Hot Stab User Manual
Ø100 Hot Stab User Manual
Ø150 Hot Stab User Manual