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Hot Stab

The Blue Logic Hot Stab System is based on API 17H and ISO 13628-8. The comprehensive program contains Hot Stabs with 1, 2, 3 and 4 port configurations with design pressure ranging from 5 000Psi to 20 000Psi.

All the 4 stab configuration groups are complete with Hot Stab, Receptacle, Pressure Stab, Protection Stab and Parking Receptacle to suit all possible requirements.

Hot Stabs and Receptacles comes with integrated check valves as default for minimum fluid spill and water ingress during operation. The Hot Stabs have two ports per line to maximize flow capacity, i.e., inlet and outlet ports. Each port equipped with inlet and outlet check valve respectively.

Maximum flow capacity and minimum pressure drop have been prioritized during design. As an example, the Ø43 Hot Stab rated for 20 000Psi has a maximum flowrate of 40 l/min with pressure drop less than 25 Bar.

Variants for both short-term (intervention) and long-term (permanent) subsea service available.

Add-on locking system can be supplied for critical applications to avoid un-intentional pull-out of Hot Stab in operation.
Keeping the most popular Hot Stabs and Receptacles in stock allows for swift delivery if required. Please visit our webshop for complete overview of our Hot Stab program and availability:
Ø35 Hot Stab System
Ø35/Ø43 Hot Stab System
Ø43 Hot Stab System
Ø43 20K Hot Stab System
Ø55 Hot Stab System
Ø89 Hot Stab System

Operation & Maintenance Manuals:
Ø35 Hot Stab User Manual
Ø35/Ø43 Hot Stab User Manual
Ø43 Hot Stab User Manual
Ø55 Hot Stab User Manual
Ø89 Hot Stab User Manual