The Blue Logic Class 1-4 Electrical Torque Tool (ELTT) is a module designed Torque Tool . The ELTT is a compact, flexible, and robust precision tool for ROV and diver operations.

The Blue Logic ELTT System combines all known advantages from a hydraulic torque tool system with the technology and advantages from a modern, precise, servo-based electrical controlled drive system.

For maximum flexibility, the Electrical Torque Tool can be operated on both DC and AC supply ranging from 145-350VDC and 110-250VAC respectively. Inductive connector available as an option if subsea connection/disconnection between ROV and Torque Tool is required.

The integrated auto detect system detects what type of mechanical interface class 1-4 socket installed in the output socket, and automatically switches between Low Torque (LT) mode and High Torque (HT) mode accordingly.

The custom-made software ensures full control and monitoring of the ongoing operation. A large range of selectable modes and settings allows adapting to any operational requirements. Hence delicate equipment such as subsea valves can be operated within safe limits. Since all parameters can be logged, trending of characteristics for critical components such as valves etc. can be performed for condition monitoring.

A major benefit for the Electrical Torque Tool compared to hydraulic alternatives is the fact that output is independent of ambient temperature.

Optional Equipment:
  • Torque verification jig, deck testing
  • Torque verification jig, subsea testing
  • Inductive connector for power & comms allowing for subsea hook-up/disconnect of Torque Tool and ROV, similar to traditional hot stab solution
  • Class 6-7 gearbox
  • Tool for subsea replacement of output socket, class 1-4

Electrical Torque Tool
Electrical Torque Tool With Auto Class Select
Electrical Light Weight Torque Tool
Torque Verification Jig 

Operation & Maintenance Manuals:
Electrical Torque Tool User Manual - Original Software
Electrical Torque Tool User Manual - New Software
Electrical Light Weight Torque Tool User Manual
Torque Verification Jig User Manual
Class 1-4 2,7 kNm Electrical Torque Tool