Inductive Subsea connection

Power and Communication in one interface

Subsea "USB" - Inductive Subsea connection

Small connectors for instrumentation and sensors

Max 60 Watt power and 90 Megabit of Ethernet combined with RS232/RS485 makes this a cost-efficient competiton to Tronic in many cases.

ROV operated and piggy back on hydralic connection

The system has several types of configuration, direct ROV interface or flange interface for piggy back of an hydraulic connection.

The system is 100 % sealed from seawater and thus not possible to short circuit. No pins to be mated, and thus no pin configuration issues. Galvanically sealing of male and female makes the system "optically" connected.

USB A.01 50 Watt 90 megabit

Sensor and ethernet video 
ba5147 and ba5220

ba2564 2