Annual Christmas porridge

We continue with our tradition before Christmas; porridge at our office

We invite all our customers, suppliers and others that would like to see our office and workshop to an unformal Christmas porridge. Not that we could make Christmas porridge formal anyway :) 
Stop by and get a taste of the Christmas spirit when we serve you Christmas porridge, coffee, "julegløgg" and cookies at our office.
     Date: 20th December
     Time: 11:00 - 14:00
     Place: Stokkamyrvegen 18, 4313 Sandnes

Freshly made Christmas porridge will be served at 11:00 :)
Please let us know by sending an email to post@bluelogic.no within 14th of December if you plan to stop by.

Rental pool upgrade for 2018:
El.Torque Tool with inductive connector (USB)
2Kw USB connector
Class 6&7 gearbox
UID (drone) tool package
Valve Stab and Hot Stab new features

We look forward to see you all!

Link to invitation: http://mailchi.mp/7ad6fccf0b67/rlig-julegrt-christmas-porridge