Pull Heads for Balder Future Project

Blue Logic has recently delivered a total of 10 Pull Heads to Ocean Installer for operation at Vår Energi’s Balder Future Project.

The Pull Heads will be used for pull-in of 6”, 10“ and 12” risers during re-commissioning of Jotun FPSO. All Pull Heads include an integrated ValveStab receptacle, i.e. receptacle with valve functionality. With no need for additional isolation valve, these Pull Heads combines compact design with high flow capacity.
The Pull Heads are machined from one solid, forged bolt with no structural welding required. Except from the forged material from Italy, all fabrication, coating, assembly and testing have been performed by local vendors in the Stavanger-region.
Once again, this delivery adds to Blue Logic’s extensive track record for delivery of Pull-Heads, and confirms our capability to deliver cost-effective solutions.
For more information, please visit Blue Logic Pull Heads and Balder Future Project 
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