Blue Logic Part of World Record

Saipem’s underwater intervention drone, Hydrone-R UID, has broken the world record for continuous subsea operation at 330m.

The UID has been working at 330m depth at the Njord field in the Norwegian Sea for 165 days without assistance. Like a subsea caretaker the drone has been assigned with all kinds of tasks and sent vital data in return to the control room.
Blue Logic is proud to have participated in this achievement. The Blue Logic charging station is a crucial part of the system as it act as a parking lot for the drone while providing wireless battery charging. 

In addition to the main 2000W charging connectors, the side mounted Tether Connection enables the drone to operate in ROV mode with 300m of fiber-electric tether inside the drone. Our 250W inductive connector powers the tether and the fiber modem. All data communication can be routed through the charging station’s inductive connectors or the tether connection on the side.

Equinor, Saipem and Blue Logic has been working closely during development of this system since 2017, and it is a pleasure to finally see it in full operation.
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Blue Logic UID Charging Station
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Photo: Saipem / Equinor