From Clean to ABSOLUTE Clean!

Blue Logic’s patented ValveStab system enables subsea hydraulic connect and disconnect with next to zero oil spill. However, a small volume of oil trapped in the cavity between VStab and VStab Receptacle will leak to sea upon disconnect. Our latest development provides removal of the trapped oil prior to disconnect.

The Flushing System can be delivered as an additional feature to our ValveStab systems and consist of the following main components:

- Pressurized supply tank for clean water

- Flushing valve for activating flushing

- Flushing system connected to the VStab Receptacle’s cavity

- Waste tank for storage of oil flushed out of the cavity


The complete Flushing System inclusive VStab Receptacle shall be installed onto the ROV, i.e. the male VStab to be installed on the external equipment/tool. Operation of the VStab is performed in a regular manner. Prior to disconnecting the VStab, the VStab and Receptacle shall be put in closed position to allow for removal of oil trapped in the cavity. By activating the flush-valve by the manipulator, clean water will flow from the supply tank, into the cavity and displace the oil to the waste tank. The cavity is now filled with clean water, and the VStab can be pulled out with no oil spill to sea. 


As an optional feature, a pre-flush system is made available to remove any water trapped in the cavity upon mating the VStab to the VStab receptacle. By flushing clean oil through the cavity and into the waste tank, the operation can be performed with absolutely zero water ingress into the hydraulic system. This solution is ideal for operating delicate equipment depending on clean hydraulic fluid with no water content.


General technical information regarding the VStab program is available here: Blue Logic VStab

Please contact our sales department for more information, sales(a)bluelogic.no

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