Hydraulic Fail-Safe Actuator for Critical Applications

3 off Hydraulic Fail-Safe Actuators, HFSA, have now been completed, qualification tested and shipped to our client.

Prior to delivery, the HFSA has been subject to successful qualification testing in accordance with industry standards and Client’s technical specification. The qualification test program included pressure testing, endurance cycle test towards hard end-stop with dynamic load (nominal and maximal), and a final inspection including full disassembly. Hence the HFSA is now well qualified for 20 years subsea service and on its way to end user.

Based on our field-proven actuators, the HFSA is designed for a 180 degree operation, ensuring automatic return if hydraulic supply pressure for any reason becomes absent. The fail-safe feature is managed by a disc-spring package connected to the main shaft via a threaded connection. Status for the actuator, i.e. open or closed, is displayed on top of the actuator. 
Upon installation, the actuator will be locked to the valve interface by rotating the main handle 17,5 degrees. Main housing is oil-filled and pressure compensated.

For more information, please contact Blue Logic sales team, sales(a)bluelogic.no