New HPU for Statoil

We are designing and building a new Universal Utility Unit HPU for Statoil. It gathers and improves several units into one.

We are in the progress of building a new HPU for Statoil due for delivery within a few weeks. It combines several features into one compact unit that before required several different ones. It holds 200L of both Oceanic and Brayco including a special system for keeping the Brayco dry over time. The Oceanic side have twelve separate lines and Brayco has six. All of the lines can be pressurized, logged and pressure tested individually up to 345bar and 690bar. Separate for the high-pressure lines there is also a high flow flushing system. It can be used for flushing external units, either separate or thru the tanks on the unit. As well as filling external tanks with fluid from the UUU HPU.
image 3