New orders

Valve Stab and Hot Stab Systems

The last weeks we have got several orders of various Valve Stab and Hot Stab Systems;

Ø55/Ø57 Hexa Port Valve Stab System, BB0694
Jumper kit including;
- Receptacle, BA8366
- Protection Stab, BA8230
- Parking Stab, BA8232
- Flanges
Scope of work Power Skid Valve Stab Receptacle and Stab with Keys Arrangement

Ø80 Single Port Hot Stab Systems with integrated swivle and J-Lock, BA4826
Jumper kit including; 
- Single Port Receptacle, BA4822
- Pressure Stab, BA2363
- Protection Stab BA8609

Delivery in June/July

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Valve Stab

Valve Stab Receptacle

%c3%9880 sp hot stab - ba4826
Ø80 Single Port Hot Stab
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