Njord Subsea Charging Station in Operation

The Subsea Docking Station, SDS, has been put in operation at Equinor’s Njord field . This is the world’s first permanently installed charging plate for UIDs offshore.

The SDS is designed for charging of Unmanned Intervention Drones, UID, using Blue Logic’s Inductive Connectors. During charging, the SDS can also communicate with the UID through Ethernet or RS485 to exchange mission data and submit new assignments. Charging and communication is available at 2 off 2kW and 3 off 50W Inductive Connectors positioned in an ArUco code system for autonomous guiding.
For maximum flexibility, the SDS also includes 3 off eTronic wet-mate connectors for power/data transfer using ROV.
Installation and operation of the SDS at Njord represents a giant step forward after years of testing and qualification. This technology is now ready to bring operation of subsea production systems to the next level with respect to remote control and reduced carbon footprint. Supported by the SDS, the UID can act as a subsea caretaker thus reducing the need for IMR vessel for inspection and light intervention.
The SDS system has been developed by Blue Logic together with Equinor representing end user /operator, and Saipem representing supplier of UID operations.

For more information, please visit E-Sea: Subsea Docking Module Assembly Njord
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njord sdm live