Smartification of Torque Tools

Blue Logic’s Electrical Torque Tools have been subject to a major upgrade of software and Graphical User Interface, GUI.

As result, the Torque Tools are now even more user-friendly and intelligent, ensuring full control of all critical parameters during operation. By implementing new auto-functions, subsea operations can be carried out in an efficient and safe manner. The following new features are now included as standard:
  • Possibility to predefine and save operational configurations with respect to torque, number of turns, speed, acceleration/deceleration and  rotational direction
  • Soft start and stop, i.e ramp up and ramp down, to avoid damages to sensitive equipment. Ideal for valve intervention and gearbox operations.
  • Selectable fail-safe configuration. Select between fail-close or fail-open.
The upgraded software is implemented to both Class 1-4  Electrical Torque Tools , i.e. standard tool and light weight tool.
For more information of Blue Logic’s Torque Tool program, please visit www.bluelogic.no/products/mechanical-interfaces/actuation
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