Torque Tool Auto Class Select

Blue Logic’s smart electrical torque tool has been further improved by adding automatic shift of torque class.

The new feature enable automatic adaption to the correct torque interface during installation. The spring-activated multi-socket has a clutch-mechanism preventing ramp-up of torque before the actual socket is fully engaged and confirmed.
The Auto Select Torque Tool comes in 2 types:
  • All-mechanical multi socket system
  • Multi socket system with sensors for auto shift of gear-mode and torque setting  
Both alternatives adapts automatically to any Class 1-4 bucket upon connection. The latter alternative is equipped with additional sensors and thus able to put the Torque Tool into correct gear-mode for Cl1-2 and Cl3-4 respectively. A pop-up window will prompt for confirmation of correct class selection after docking as an extra safety precaution.
Blue Logic’s range of Torque Tools and Gearboxes are available both for purchase and rental. The rental option is a low-cost, quick delivery solution, perfect for sourcing the correct alternative for your operations.
In addition, our rental pool has provided valuable experience data during the continuous development and improvement of the Torque Tool family.
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Please also download Datasheet for Torque Tool with Auto Class Select