Ø89 - API 17H Type 3 Dual Port Stab System

The Ø89 Dual Port Stab System is based on the API 17H Type 3 standard and designed for high-flow operations at working pressure up to 10 000Psi / 690Bar.

A J-lock system locks the Stab to the Receptacle once inserted. A second locking device prevents the J-lock from counterclockwise rotation caused by vibrations etc. during operation.

For maximum flexibility, optional positions/orientations for the hydraulic connection ports are available.

The Ø89 Stab System is qualified according to API 6A / API 17D and contains the following main components:

- Hot Stab
- Receptacle
- Pressure Stab
- Parking Receptacle
- Protection Stab.
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