Ø63/Ø65 - Valve Stab

The Ø63/Ø65 ValveStab is designed for operation of 6 individual hydraulic lines at pressure up to 15 000PSI / 1034Bar.

Based on Blue Logic’s patented ValveStab technology, the Ø63/Ø65 VStab System combines the pressure-balanced Hot Stab principle with ball valve technology. By using integrated ball valves for each port for both stab and receptacle, connection and disconnection can be performed at full system pressure without leakage to sea.

Valve operation is only feasible upon correct mating of stab and receptacle to avoid unintentional opening of valves. Open and close of valves is performed by operating a ROV handle positioned on the receptacle.

6 separate, high-flow hydraulic ports ensure maximum operational flexibility with respect to number of functions, flow and pressure during operation.

The Ø63/Ø65 VStab System is tested and qualified for operations up to  15 000PSI / 1034Bar.