20K Hot Stab Program

Blue Logic’s comprehensive Hot Stab program has been strengthened by adding a complete range of Ø43 Hot Stabs rated for 20 000 Psi / 1 380 Bar working pressure.

The Ø43 20K Hot Stab program is designed according to API 17H Type 1 and includes Hot Stabs with 1, 2, 3 and 4 port configurations for maximum flexibility. Each stab configuration containing Hot Stab, Receptacle, Pressure Stab, Dummy Stab and Parking Receptacle.

All Hot Stabs and Receptacles comes with integrated check valves to reduce fluid spill and water ingress to an absolute minimum during connection and disconnection.

The Ø43 Hot Stab program has been tested and qualified in accordance with API 6A. Testing according to API 6A PR2 to be performed in near future.

All Hot Stabs and Receptacles available in short-term (intervention) and long-term (permanent) versions.
For detailed technical information, please visit E-Sea Webshop:

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