Poppet Relief Tool

Mission accomplished! Custom design and fast-track delivery of subsea tool.

Blue Logic has recently performed a fast-track delivery of a custom-designed tool to relief pressure in a hydraulic line at a subsea manifold at Johan Castberg.
Upon invitation to help with equalizing trapped pressure via a standard hub interface, Blue Logic engineers swiftly  presented  a ROV friendly tool.
Challenged by a deadline of just 14 days, we managed to perform the task in only 9 days, including design, fabrication and site testing at a similar manifold. This achievement was made possible by our effective organisation and our sub-supplier Riska Sveis, willing to work night and day during the weekend. We will also like to thank Aker Solutions for the challenging mission and constructive cooperation during these hectic days.
The tool is designed as a manipulator held device to be installed onto the manifold hub without damaging seal areas or hydraulic poppets. Once installed, the manipulator engages a lever connected to a push-pin with a pre-defined force to press the poppet and thus bleed off the trapped pressure.
A successful subsea operation carried out by Havfram represented the happy ending for this fast-track project.
bb8623 officialproductmodelpicture rev-02