Ø50 Ammeter

We have added a large 50mm version to the subsea ammeter program

50mm clamp
The first Ø32mm ammeter was developed in 2016 for the anode retrofit project on Gullfaks bundle for Statoil. It was used for measuring and verifying the current between the new anode skids and bundle. Both client and operators gave very good feedback; Client quote: “A new Amp. meter was used for power verification through the cable. This turned out to be a reliable and good tool, perfect for this verification”.
The meters are battery powered and no setup or connection with the ROV is needed. Simply grab it and start measuring. You measure the current by sliding the spring loaded clamp around the cable and the reading will show immediately.
There was a demand for a larger type so we have now finished a version that can handle cable diameters of up to 50mm and it is already on its first operation with client. The ammeters are now setup for DC currents between 5 and 40A but we can easily set them up to measure both AC & DC up to 1000A!